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This is a wiki for material related to the Dawn of the Dragons game on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to read and contribute to it. Feel free to fix typos, mistakes, error, or anything else as you please. Just keep the licensing and copyrights on this wiki in mind while editing. Try to build a complete database to help the Dawn of the Dragons players.

About Dawn of the DragonsEdit

Dawn of the Dragons is an interactive flash based social web game on Facebook developed by 5th Planet Games. The game is based on Energy (for Quest) and Stamina (for Player vs Player or Raid). It is similar to Castle Age in that it's set in Medieval Age. Instead of just status building and getting equipment for battle, the game introduces the Legion system which enhances the gameplay. The Guild system makes the game more interactive which allows the user to team up in a group to create a strong bond with each other besides a way of communications between the members.